Christmas Spirit Pendant Collection
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Aquamarine Spirit Pendant


Aquamarine Spirit Pendant

The charm of good luck

Discover the shimmering, bright sparkle of our Aquamarine Spirit Pendant. This necklace harnesses the cool, green-blue shades of the sea and is also symbolic of good luck. Our award-winning designers created a circle of aquamarine gemstones set within a beautiful pattern of metalwork with a diamond at the centre. In particular, the colours of this pendant have a certain mesmerizing appeal thanks to the powerful association with the ocean. This bluish-green shimmer possesses energizing qualities in keeping with the refreshing force of water.
As well as a visual vibrancy, the symbolic meaning behind this pendant makes it the perfect lucky charm. According to legend, aquamarine gemstones were often carried by sailors in the hope this would keep them safe on stormy voyages. This symbolism of luck is still part of the aquamarine charm, which adds to its appeal when searching for the perfect gift.

Our Aquamarine Spirit Pendant is presented on a gold chain and brings a bright dash of colour to whatever you’re wearing. Wear it as a statement piece or layer it with other necklaces when you want to create an eclectic, confident look. If you’re looking for a stylish way to celebrate the joyous spirit of Christmas, this necklace is the perfect choice.

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