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The unique Christmas Spirit Pendant Collection available at GS Diamonds now! Our award-winning design team have created this exclusive collection for that perfect Christmas gift🎁 Each Pendant has a powerful meaning behind it and a story to tell. 🎉Celebrate the holidays in style with this Limited Spirit Pendant Collection! Browse the Pendant Collection online Call …


Blue Sapphire Spirit Pendant

The wonder of wisdom Our alluring Blue Sapphire Spirit Pendant is another dazzling addition to our Christmas Spirit Collection. Powerful, deep blue tones catch the light brilliantly and bring a rich, dramatic sparkle to this beautiful necklace. The symbolism of a blue sapphire is wisdom, a gemstone forever associated with learning, focus and the pursuit …


Emerald Spirit Pendant

The beauty of harmony There is so much to love about the positive sparkle that radiates from our Emerald Spirit Pendant. The deep, green glow of the emeralds has captivating appeal and brings a pure sense of opulence to the necklace. Not only that, it is believed that these vibrant gemstones represent healing and balance, …


Aquamarine Spirit Pendant

The charm of good luck Discover the shimmering, bright sparkle of our Aquamarine Spirit Pendant. This necklace harnesses the cool, green-blue shades of the sea and is also symbolic of good luck. Our award-winning designers created a circle of aquamarine gemstones set within a beautiful pattern of metalwork with a diamond at the centre. In …


Yellow Sapphire Spirit Pendant

The joy of prosperity Our stunning Yellow Sapphire Spirit Pendant is one of those unique pieces that attract attention thanks to the intriguing sunshine glow of the yellow gemstones. Different, beautiful, and undeniably glamorous, yellow sapphires are fascinating to look at. As well as visually striking, the yellow sapphire is also a symbol of prosperity. …