Christmas Spirit Pendant Collection
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Blue Sapphire Spirit Pendant


Blue Sapphire Spirit Pendant

The wonder of wisdom

Our alluring Blue Sapphire Spirit Pendant is another dazzling addition to our Christmas Spirit Collection. Powerful, deep blue tones catch the light brilliantly and bring a rich, dramatic sparkle to this beautiful necklace. The symbolism of a blue sapphire is wisdom, a gemstone forever associated with learning, focus and the pursuit of knowledge. Unsurprising, due to a pure, arresting beauty, blue sapphire has also been associated with kings and queens over the centuries and features in crown jewel collections around the world. Our talented, award-winning team of designers has included a selection of blue sapphires within the circular setting of this spirit pendant. Attention to detail includes a diamond at the centre, which complements and contrasts with the richness of the striking sapphires.

The overall effect is a glamorous statement piece to wear with pride on the neckline. For pure wow factor alone, this Blue Sapphire Spirit Pendant has an abundance of show-stopping appeal. It makes a truly beautiful gift and will be loved by those who appreciate the symbolism of wisdom represented within a precious piece of jewellery. Our pendant captures the celebratory spirit of Christmas and is also a perfect addition to party wear.

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