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Emerald Spirit Pendant


Emerald Spirit Pendant

The beauty of harmony

There is so much to love about the positive sparkle that radiates from our Emerald Spirit Pendant. The deep, green glow of the emeralds has captivating appeal and brings a pure sense of opulence to the necklace. Not only that, it is believed that these vibrant gemstones represent healing and balance, which explains why its symbolism evolves around harmony. Green, a colour associated with the calming forces of nature, also has an aura of healing and wellbeing.
The Emerald Spirit Pendant has been creatively imagined by our team of award-winning designers who carefully set a circle of emeralds within the shape of the pendant. Set on a gold chain, the statement green stones shine brilliantly alongside the sparkling central diamond. It is a bold and vibrant design that celebrates the lushness of colour and beauty.

If you’re looking for a unique gift with wow appeal and meaning, our Emerald Spirit Pendant is everything and more. Or gift it to yourself for no other reason other than it is too beautiful to resist. It adds a modern, stylish edge to an outfit and brings harmonious balance to the heart and soul. Overall, the perfect pendant to uplift the spirit at Christmas.

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