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Ruby Spirit Pendant


Ruby Spirit Pendant

The power of passion

Our fiery Ruby Spirit Pendant is a stunning piece of jewellery to treasure forever and it also makes a truly memorable gift. This necklace is one of those unforgettable pieces. Not only is it beautiful to look at, there is also meaning behind it. Ruby is the symbol of passion. The word “ruby”, derived from the Latin word “ruber”, means red, which is also the colour that runs through our veins. This blood-red association connects to our hearts and epitomizes
strength, vitality and, ultimately, passion. Red also has a traditional, visual presence at Christmas – the colour of holly berries, a plant forever linked to winter celebrations.
Our award-winning designers have included ten beautiful rubies within an intricate pattern of the exquisite circular pendant. Attention to detail and creative craftsmanship bring out the best in each precious stone. The design also highlights the rich glow of red gemstones and contrasts with the glittering sparkle of diamonds evoking a feeling of fire and ice.

Set on a gold chain, the Ruby Spirit Pendant is a bold and beautiful piece for someone who possesses a vibrant personality and a passion for life. Not only a gorgeous gift, it also reminds us to appreciate the power of passion. It is a celebration of the fiery feeling that flows through our blood. It ignites our desire to follow our heart and encourages us to achieve our dreams. Passion is an emotion that is powered by excitement and our inner fire.
Ultimately, our Ruby Spirit Pendant is very much a celebration of this light and joy.

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