Christmas Spirit Pendant Collection
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Yellow Sapphire Spirit Pendant


Yellow Sapphire Spirit Pendant

The joy of prosperity

Our stunning Yellow Sapphire Spirit Pendant is one of those unique pieces that attract attention thanks to the intriguing sunshine glow of the yellow gemstones. Different, beautiful, and undeniably glamorous, yellow sapphires are fascinating to look at. As well as visually striking, the yellow sapphire is also a symbol of prosperity. There is such an aura of good fortune surrounding this pendant, it is only natural that our award-winning designers
wanted to include it in our Christmas Spirit Collection.
The beautiful design work of this pendant showcases ten exquisite yellow sapphires set within an intricate pattern of the circular pendant. A centrepiece diamond at the heart of the necklace unites and highlights the gemstones beautifully. Set on a gold chain, our Yellow Sapphire Spirit Pendant is the perfect present for the jewellery lover in your life who appreciates the great craftsmanship and the meaning behind a beautiful necklace.

At this time of year, wishes of prosperity and peace are very much part of our conversation and celebrations, which makes the Yellow Sapphire Spirit Pendant such a perfect gift.
Prosperity not only defines a sense of financial wealth but also acknowledges other riches in our life such as happiness, good health, contentment and personal growth. This kind of good fortune is essential to our wellbeing and our pursuit of happiness. The actual colour of the yellow sapphire represents such riches with its energised golden glow. In light of this, there’s no better way to wish someone good fortune at Christmas than to give them a necklace that symbolises prosperity and the richness of life.

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